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Saving mature specimen trees is of real value from aesthetics, instant gratification, and environmental impact standpoints. Go Green Landscape has successfully transplanted over 550 trees, which have been over 40 to 50 years old, of heights varying between 20 to 60 feet, with a survival rate of more than 70%. Under Tree Transplantation,
Go Green Landscape ensures the following services: Assessment > Weighs the pros and cons of the transplantation, and primarily resolve upon the integrity of the transplant. > Considers the species transplant tolerance. > Reviews the condition of the trees/ plants. > Fixes the transplant season, new planting site conditions, equipments needed and maintenance after transplantation.

  • Pre-Transplantation Process

> Selection of the right time for transplantation. > Cutting of branches to reduce extra weight and canopy. > Cut tips are treated with appropriate solutions to avoid attack of pests, etc. > Appropriate steps are devised to avoid shock and stress to the tree/ plant. > The tree/ plant is taken for transplantation at sites chosen with good soil, light, moisture, drainage and wind protection.

  • Uprooting and Shifting

> 3/ 4 days before uprooting, the soil is watered, to loosen the hard soil. >The area around the tree/ plant is dug. > Special care is taken to save the root ball from any damage. > On uprooting, the root ball is covered with canvas or plastic to hold back the soil to the roots. > The starting level of the trunk above the soil is marked so that the same position is maintained at the new site.

  • Planting & Supporting

> Proper pits are dug, two to three times wider than the root ball. > Dry soil is irrigated to avoid post plant water from migrating from the root ball. > Proper stacking is developed to avoid too much windfall.

  • Maintenance

> After the transplantation, the soil at the new site is regularly monitored to check for chances of drying out. > Mulching, fertilizer treatment, pruning, mechanical support and other protection measures are adopted post transplantation.